Research Journal

Journal “Provincial Scientific Proceedings”

The journal "Provincial Scientific Proceedings" is an interdisciplinary academic publication of original research papers (reviews and topical articles, scientific reports) on various subject areas. The aim of the publishers is to promote open discussion and fruitful exchange of ideas among representatives of the scientific communities in Russia, providing them with an open platform for scientific communication.

The mission of the journal is to present current scientific problems and their solutions as they are seen by researchers from the Russian regions. The composition of the Editorial Board of the journal includes the representatives of fifteen regions of the Russian Federation, which emphasizes the focus of the publication on a fruitful inter-regional scientific dialogue.

The works on history, law, philosophy, sociology, cultural studies, pedagogy, psychology, philology, mathematics, engineering, biology, earth sciences are accepted. Articles are grouped in accordance with the subject headings. The main requirement of the publication to the presented materials is their originality and scientific significance.