General Information

The priority objectives of Regional Open Social Institute are effective organization of research and innovation activities.

The amount of money which is spent on research activities is increasing every year. More than that, successful implementation of innovative projects helps to increase profits of ROSI. Conducting applied researches, Regional Open Social Institute tends to carry out those kinds of research activities which society needs.

The active participation of ROSI at international, all-Russian and regional research conferences and seminars promotes dissemination of the results of basic and applied researches. For instance, joint research and practical seminars of Regional Social Open Institute, California State University (Long Beach, the USA) and California State University (Fullerton, the USA) are held on the regular basis.

The problems of modern education such as the quality of education or accreditation of educational programs were one of the topical questions in close cooperation of ROSI with European Association of Institutions in Higher Education (Brussels, Belgium), Lille Catholic University (France) and BA School of Business and Finance (Riga, Latvia).

Regional Open Social Institute often hosts research, practical conferences, seminars and round tables which are organized with the participation of foreign colleagues and partners of the Kursk region (administration of the Kursk region, officials of the court and the prosecutor's office and representatives of educational institutions of all types).

Research activity of the students of ROSI is also an important part of the Institute’s policy. There are eight different study groups which involves the students into active research activity. Organization of student research conferences has become a tradition and the following topics discussed regularly: “Actual problems of Economics and Management”, “Actual Problems of Translation and Cross-cultural Communication”, “Modern Computer Technology and its Prospects”, “Development of Hospitality and Tourism Industry in Russia”, “Interesting Research Venture”. Regional Open Social Institute holds a competition on the best students’ research project.

Vice-rector on Research Activity and International Cooperation

Apanasenok A.V.

The Head of Research Department

Kravchenko S.A.